Global Textile Sector Challenges – The XeBusiness Response (CD-ROM presentation)


First the bad news …………

Textile and apparel suppliers are operating in what is probably the most difficult and competitive industry sector on the planet.

Constant change, global competition, operational complexity, diminishing product lifecycles and shortening delivery lead times are imposing levels of efficiency, effectiveness and economy never before encountered by suppliers trading in this sector.

Information is increasingly recognised as the key corporate resource in catalysing the changes that must take place to develop and then implement a strategy for survival and growth amidst ever increasing variability. To achieve right product, right place, right time, a textile supplier must first achieve right information, right place right time.

Then the good news……….

The systems to drive and then underpin this process of change and to deploy your strategic information resource as a competitive weapon are available. Check out how XeBusiness can help by viewing a new PowerPoint presentation we have developed.

Choose the download option below or, if you have a slow connection to the Internet or prefer not to download files, contact us to request the presentation on CD.

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    Once you have unzipped the presentation, just point and click to run it. To advance the slides click the left mouse button. To reveal a menu of options (including the option to exit), click the right mouse button. It may help if you print this page before you download the file.

    If you require a copy of the presentation on CD please email us at Please give your name and full postal address and tell us if you have MS PowerPoint loaded on your PC. We will post you a CD containing the presentation by return. Then call us for a ‘no obligation’ consultation on how we can help turn your company into a world beater.

    If you prefer a direct approach, just call us on 00 (0)161 869 0430 and ask for Sales.

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