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The Sales Order Processing and Finished Stock Control Modules are designed to help your business gain complete control over sales orders and contracts.  As the system is specific to the Apparel Industry, orders and contracts are stored by colour, length (fit) and size for each finished product.  Thus all data entry, reporting and enquiry facility analyse information using a colour-length-size matrix.


Quick Response (QR) demands fast and easy access to your order and stock information.  The SOP module enables you to respond quickly to your customers and to meet their demands more effectively.  Cash tied up in Finished Goods stock is not working for you.  The SOP module provides the accurate information and forecasting required to enable you to reduce stock and free up your capital.  Improved control systems will reduce the costs of regular stock taking.  Customer service and delivery performance are vital elements in a successful modern business.  By focusing on the need to deliver on time, the SOP module will assist you in satisfying your customers’ requirements, giving your business that vital competitive edge.


For the Contract Supplier who needs to manage stock availability in ratio and deliveries against call off, the Additional Contract Control Option provides the ideal solution.  This has been developed for suppliers of the major high street retailers in particular and integrates with a range of EDI products.


SOP Flow Chart

The system incorporates the following essential features developed specifically for Apparel companies:-


Customer Database

Entry of Sales Orders

Products Database  -  by colour, length, size

Order Acknowledgement

Order Analysis Reports  -  by salesman, market sector, product, region etc.

Deficiency Reporting  -  what to order/manufacture and when

On Screen Enquiries  -  order summary, orders by customer, orders by product, orders by week

Management Reports  -  outstanding orders, overdue orders, order contribution, orders by customer, orders by product, orders by week

WIP Stock Control  -  complete transaction audit trail

Integration with Manufacturing Systems

Finished Stock Control

Stock Take Facilities

Automatic Priority Allocation  -  by customer, date and priority

Credit Control Checking

Picking List Production

Finished Goods Despatch

Bought in Goods Control


Integration with Sales Ledger


Your company benefits from:-


Improved Customer Service

Quick Response

Reduced Administration Costs

Reduced Clerical Errors

Reduced Paperwork

Faster Access to Information  -  immediate on screen access to orders and their progress.  Immediate on screen access to related work in progress.  Immediate on screen access to finished stock levels.

Reduced Finished Stock Levels

Reduced Stock Take Costs

Improved Credit Control  -  credit tracking on order entry.  Credit checking prior to picking list production

Improved Cash Flow  -  automatic production of invoices on despatch.  Accurate invoicing reduces queries

Improved Customer Communications

Improved Picking Facilities

Improved Delivery Performance


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