Apparel Software for Manufacturing(Real-Time)

Real Time Production Control in Apparel Manufacturing


A Real Time Production Control System is a mechanism for getting complete control of your apparel manufacturing unit. It operates on the basis of putting the emphasis of your information collection systems where it matters, at the needlepoint. Using Real Time means that you collect and access labour cost and work in progress information at the time it is most relevant, when it happens.

Minimum savings of £69,000 in the first year in a factory with 100 machinists!

To see a typical Return on Investment (ROI) analysis click on the link.

Your machinists at every operation directly enter information onto the system. This is achieved by an interactive terminal at each machinist’s work place. Upon arrival at work the machinist clocks on at their work place. As they complete each bundle they record its completion via the entry of the bundle number in to the Real Time Terminal. The system automatically informs them of, their performance to date, predicted pay, etc., on an up to the second basis.

The system automatically tracks work in progress down to bundle/operator level for detailed progress chasing, as well as informing management and supervisors of summary throughput, bottleneck and WIP Stock information. All information can be presented to management and supervisors using easy to use screen enquiries and graphs.

The system is fully interactive and integrates with the complete range of Distribution, Materials and Capacity Planning, Manufacturing and Financial Systems which make the XeBusiness system the most comprehensive Apparel ERP solution on the market today.

Benefits offered by the system include savings on overheads, increases in productive hours and enhanced motivation. Access to constantly changing direct costs in terms of labour will allow more accurate job costing and allow companies to ensure the correct product mix is flowing through their factories.

The system incorporates the following essential features, developed specifically for Apparel Companies: -

Your Company benefits from: -




The Captor Network



The real time data capture is achieved using a Capnet (Captor Network), which consists of 4 primary components:


  1. Host Computer - any computer, which can connect to the Communications controller via a RS-232-C bi-directional link. It can control up to 255 terminals.
  2. Communications controller or Capdrive - the central point of the network. Its primary function is to control the network and interface with the host computer. It also delivers the power necessary to operate the Captor terminals.
  3. Wiring and T-Boxes - The standard network wiring is a daisy-chain configuration where the wiring extends from the Communications controller to the first terminal and then from terminal to terminal until the last terminal is connected. The network can be split into up to 4 independent channels with a maximum overall length of over 1800 meters. The T-Box interfaces the network wiring to the Captor terminals.
  4. Captor Terminals - plug into the network via the T-Boxes. They should be located at the work place and are the operator interface with the system.

Real-Time System network diagram

XeBusiness have a partnership arrangement with Captor Electronics of Belgium for the supply of the Microcap family of devices. Click in the logo to visit Captor's web site. Captor

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