Professional Services


XeBusiness’s comprehensive business management solutions enable apparel and soft goods suppliers to leverage technology to gain competitive advantage.


All software products are backed up by a full range of professional services to:

  1. Implement XeBusiness software products fast and effectively at fixed cost and so bring the business benefits to bear quickly and with minimum risk to the client’s business.
  1. Provide on-going support for implemented software products so that their impact is pervasive across the client organisation to underpin all aspects of operational strategy.

Professional Services Available Include:


Project Management – professional implementation management to successfully achieve pre-defined project objectives covering costs and time-scales.


Consultancy – specialist advice and direction – strategic and tactical - to obtain maximum benefit from the implementation of XeBusiness software products.


Training – on-site or at the XeBusiness training facility to ensure take-on and operation of the software is achieved fast and at budgeted cost.


Software Customisation - tailoring the software to the client’s specific requirements at a pre-agreed fixed price.


Software Development – developing specialist functionality to reflect specific client requirements.


Help- Desk Support – our reputation in this area is second to none. Extended out of hour’s support is also available. Current communications technology – including use of the Internet – is used to optimise response to requests for assistance from our clients.


Software Maintenance – to ensure the software is kept up to date and virtually defect free.


Interim IT Management - if an IT manager is required for the duration of a project implementation or to provide temporary IT cover, we can supply an IT professional at short notice and at competitive rates.


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