Capacity Requirements Planning


The Xe-ERP Capacity Requirements Planning software module has been developed to meet the needs of the modern Apparel Company.

This module is designed to help your business gain complete control over Production Capacity in order to ensure the most efficient use of available resources. As the system is specific to the Apparel Industry, Work Study is defined for colour length (fit) and size for each finished product.

Customer Service and Quick Response are increasingly seen as key factors in a successful modern Apparel Manufacturer. The Capacity Planning module will enable your business to plan effectively and ensure you meet your customer’s delivery requirements. Using Terminology and methods familiar to Apparel Manufacturers, the CRP module will enable you to plan production for a week, a season or a year, monitoring actual results and highlighting problem areas.

Capacity Planning Flow Chart

The system incorporates the following essential features, developed specifically for the apparel industry: -


Your Company benefits from: -

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