Bar-coded Production Control


The Production Control module is designed to help Apparel and Soft Goods manufacterers gain complete control over Work In Progress and Labour Costs. As the system is industry specific, all information can be defined for Colour, Length (Fit) and Size for each finished product. All data entry, reporting and enquiry facilities analyse information using this Colour, Length, Size matrix.

Cash tied up in Work In Progress, is not working for you. The Production Control module provides the accurate information and forecasting required to enable you to reduce WIP stock and free up your capital. Improved control systems will reduce the costs of regular stock taking.

Collecting production information and collating meaningful reports is time consuming. The Production Control module enables you to gain accurate and timely management information on both labour costs and WIP movements from a single input. Daily pay slips can be issued to your operators first thing the following day. Section and Factory efficiencies and Cost Per SM will be on your desk in time for you to react. Accurate WIP tracking will enable you to achieve quick response in production.

The use of BAR CODE Technology removes clerical error and improves payroll accuracy. The on line verification and update of work tickets enables a complete production and labour cost control system to be provided in less than the time usually taken to process a payroll only.

Production Control Flow Chart

The system incorporates the following essential features, developed specifically for Apparel Companies: -

Your Company benefits from: -

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