XeBusiness supplies computer based business management (ERP / MIS) systems to garment, footwear, soft goods and household textile suppliers trading globally.

The company is a leading business to business provider of Apparel specific supply chain solutions that allow client companies to automate their in-house functional processes and to also integrate these with systems in use at their customers, suppliers and business partners to improve service levels and reduce operating cost.

Our systems help clients to:


  • Generate competitive advantage


  • Increase sales
  • Improve profits
  • Achieve accurate and timely information to support decision making
  • Reduce operating and capital costs
  • Improve customer service - right product, right place, right time
  • Trade Dynamically - provide a customised and quick response to demand
David Cullis MD of XeBusiness Ltd.

David Cullis MD of XeBusiness

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If you require sales information then please e-mail sales@xebusiness.com
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