Warehouse Management by Radio Frequency Scanning


Scanning System Outline

The aim of the scanner system is to replace the manual key board entry routines of the Xe-WMS Warehouse Management System with Radio Frequency Scanners used for real time data collection. This will improve accuracy of data held on the system by ensuring data entry is immediate, and by reducing the risk of incorrectly identifying stock. It will also reduce the paperwork required throughout the system, and increase the speed at which data can be obtained from it, allowing management reports to be obtained more readily and accurately.

The primary tasks are Receiving Goods, Putting away goods, bulk-picking goods, store picking goods, and bagging/packing and despatch.

Receiving goods

Receipt of goods can be from several sources. If a despatch note/delivery document can be received before the goods arrive, then scanning can confirm receipt of goods against this information and report on discrepancies, checking for barcode accuracy as well as the stock details. If this is not available, then goods can be directly scanned, creating receipt data from the scanned stock, which can be verified prior to putaway.

Putting Away goods

An interactive scanning system allows the operator to be guided by the database in putting goods away in the correct location, or the user can override the database and re-locate stock at the time of putaway. This will give an accurate picture of the stock locations as the stock is put away, eliminating the need for paperwork to be manually filled in and entered onto the database later.

Bulk Picking goods

A scanning system allows the operator to be guided around the warehouse by the scanner in order to pick stock efficiently and accurately The scanner can be overridden if the physical stock is not available, allowing for store picks to be modified in real-time.

Store Picking goods

Store picks can be verified and the bulk pick can be assembled into order for despatch to different depots. This can be combined with the bulk pick operation, or run as a separate function, depending on the magnitude or variety of the bulk pick. By using a scanning system, any changes made to the bulk data can be accurately reflected in the store pick files, allowing for faster, more accurate store pick sorting.


The scanning system ensures accuracy of outer barcode information with the contents and removes discrepancies created by manual picking systems. This ensures much more accurate traceability of stock, and improves accuracy of deliveries. The outers can then be scanned onto trailers, ensuring the correct despatch information is forwarded to the client.

Hardware Platform Requirements

The Real-time scanning system is based on standard, widely supported hardware platforms and network protocols. The scanners communicate with the network using TCP/IP.

A range of scanner options from leading manufacturers are supported.

Any Windows platform (Client/Server) or a combination of Windows desktop clients and Novell or Linux servers can be deployed

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