The Issues Apparel and Soft Goods Companies Should Consider in Choosing an Applications Software Package Vendor.


How does the XeBusiness suite of applications rate against these criteria?


Is the software apparel specialist and specific?


Yes - it suits apparel because it has a unique product database, which caters for a Colour, Length, and Size matrix. However, the software is equally suitable to manage footwear, soft goods (e.g. home furnishings), accessories and trim.


Can the software be shaped to reflect my organisational structure? For example: regions, areas, branches or departments?


The system can be configured to handle multi-company invoicing, multi-factory capacity planning, multi-location purchasing, and sales & order analysis by sector.


Can the standard reports be modified to suit my information needs? Is it possible to create customised reports myself?


The system has a wide range of standard reports, built up over several years working with our clients. If none of these meet your specific requirements, reports can be customised or new ones written. There is also a very powerful, integrated 32bit Report Writer that enables users to design their own reports. There is an ODBC/SQL version of the system that will enable reporting from any SQL report writer and data can be accessed from other databases.


Is the system upgradable and scaleable – more users, more workstations, networked, larger transaction volumes, add-on modules etc?


The system can run on a single stand alone PC, a PC network or a client server configuration. The standard system can handle around 200 users. For larger numbers of users and very high transaction volumes there is an Enterprise Version of the application available.


Are there standard interfaces with other systems – Accounts, EDI/ecommerce, spreadsheets etc?


Yes - there are a series of interfaces with some of the more popular Accounts packages (Sage, Pegasus, Dynamics) and with Kewill EDI/ecommerce products. The integrated Report Writer includes a facility to create ASCII file output, which can be imported into all standard Office software suites featuring Word, Excel etc.


Can the software integrate with other "enterprise" computer systems?


Yes, a number of ‘off the shelf’ links are available.


How intuitive is the user interface?


The user interface is menu driven and supports drill down to intuitively find the required option.


Are default options available so that frequent operations can be speeded up?


Yes – menus can be easily customised to reflect specific process requirements.


Is the system a true MS Windows system?


Yes – all current versions of MS Windows are supported.


Is there a tool-kit available to enable fast, easy and low cost customisation?


Yes. XeBusiness development programmers can respond to most requests to customise the software promptly and cost effectively.


What kind of installation support and on-going support and maintenance is available?


A full range of support services is available. Follow the links on our web site for details. (Click on Professional Services & Client Care ).


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