XeBusiness - A Profile



What we do

XeBusiness supplies computer based supply chain solutions for quick response and cost reduction - simply and economically.

Where we came from

The company, which previously traded as Kewill-Xetal Systems Ltd, was formed in December 1999 following an MBO (Management Buy Out) from Kewill Systems Plc, a FTSE 150 technology group. All members of the original team within Kewill-Xetal supported the MBO and came over into the new company, together with a full and comprehensive set of well established ERP (manufacturing and distribution) software products specifically developed for Apparel (garment and footwear) and soft goods suppliers.

All clients previously supported by Kewill-Xetal have also moved their accounts to the new company.

Clients include and have included both strong brand and contract apparel suppliers like Henri-Lloyd, Burberry, Dewhirst, Bentwood and leading third party logistics (TPL's) providers like Tibbett and Britten, Joint Retail Logistics and Transcare Distribution amongst many others. 

Small but perfectly formed

In relative terms XeBusiness is a small software company. However, the experience, commitment and expertise we bring to bear is totally disproportionate to our size.

All members of the XeBusiness team are highly experienced and productive IT professionals with very high levels of apparel supply chain domain knowledge. Our ERP software products reflect this expert knowledge and experience in terms of close specialist match with the sector's trading process and cycle requirements.

Financial stability 

XeBusiness has been profitable and substantially cash generative since its formation following the MBO from Kewill. It currently has substantial cash reserves. XeBusiness also has the financial backing of a major and highly successful UK client.

Business development strategy - the XeBusiness vision 

XeBusiness will focus on providing large numbers of small to medium sized apparel companies with low cost and highly functional business management systems to leverage their internal operations to maximum effect.

Then, XeBusiness will provide B2B trading links to the Internet that will assist these companies to streamline planning, forecasting and replenishment processes and help develop collaborative relationships with their customers and suppliers to improve service levels and reduce cost, thereby generating competitive advantage.

Our clients and retail partners are increasing product sourcing overseas. We are setting up overseas marketing outlets for our manufacturing technology products in Eastern Europe, Morocco, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Vietnam. Implementing our supply chain systems within UK client partner sites in these regions will streamline their sourcing operations.

XeBusiness key strategic differentiators

XeBusiness is a small and nimble computer software and services company.

Small is beautiful

XeBusiness specialise in the apparel and soft goods supply chain sector

Specialist is best

Industry standard 'open' technology

Choice through open standards

XeBusiness supplies applications software that operates on widely used and available 'open' and scaleable technologies to 'future proof' your investment and allow you to link to other 'best of breed' application solutions from other technology vendors. Industry standard platforms supported include all implementations of MS Windows and Novell Sever. A Linux server option is also available.


All the above results in faster, cheaper and more effective implementation -

at greatly reduced risk to your business.

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