Apparel Warehousing and Distribution Management Systems (Xe-WMS)


Effective warehouse management and distribution is a major customer service and cost reduction issue, with the organisations doing it right gaining considerable competitive advantage.

XeBusiness supplies Software for Apparel and Soft Goods Distributers and Manufacturers (on and off shore) and is the only specialist Apparel Software house supplying computer systems fully integrated with EDI products.

We are the Apparel Industry specialists, with many years experience supplying Apparel Computer Systems and are the ideal company to satisfy your requirements with a computer system built for the Apparel industry. We pride ourselves in offering a turnkey service including hardware, software, project management and implementation and training. Both Pre and Post sales consultants with substantial experience in the Apparel Manufacturing and Distribution sectors will work with you to enable the effective introduction and on-going development of your Apparel Computer System.

The Xe-WMS Apparel Warehousing and Distribution Management System (with fully integrated EDI links) is designed specifically to address the problems of the Apparel supply chain. The system is aimed at the following categories of organisation:

Minimum savings of £83,000 in the first year for a typical warehouse!

To see a typical Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for an Apparel Distribution Warehouse click on the link.

Xe-WMS – The Business Benefits

Customer service improvements steming from quick and accurate response to customer orders and ‘call offs’.

Cost reduction arising from greater inventory accuracy and overhead savings in both administration and goods movement within the warehouse.

Warehouse space utilised more efficiently.

Cash flow improvements steming from accurate despatch enabling suppliers to collect payment for shipments more quickly and save administration time in responding to invoicing queries.

Improved efficiency and productivity in the warehouse.

Improved tracking for traceability and quality control.

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